Cut Keys

Cut Keys

Keys cut to manufacturer supplied numbers, normally found on the face of the lock or the original keys.

Please select the link below by cabinet manufacturer.

Anderson Hickey Key Codes:
AH700-AH799 Series
L700-L824 Series

CCL Security Products Key Codes:

Chicago Key Codes:

Steelcase - FR Series FR301-800
Steelcase - S Series S100-S200
General Chicago Key Codes - various AA201-AA1100, BJ201-BJ1100, 1BM00-2BM00, FR1-FR200, 1A1-9A1, 2K01-6K99, 7K01-7K97, 1X01-3X00, 1MC1-6MC5, MG201-MG425, 1RR01-3RR00, 5RR01-9RR00,XF1001-3000, 1001X-2000X, 1250-1499

Dispenser Keys:
E114 Keys

DOM / Reff Furniture:
Various DOM/Reff Key Codes YSNR C Series, YVLF E Series, YVSN F Series, YVXU G Series 

FIC Vehicle Key Codes:

Haworth Key Codes:
Various Haworth Codes KA301-KA470, EL201-EL300, ML1-ML100, ML201-300, NM001-NM128, SL1-SL200, SL201-SL300

Haskell Key Codes:
Various Haskell Codes 300-499, M101-M200, PA11-PA14

Harpers Key Codes:

Herman Miller Key Codes:

HON Locks:
HON 101E-225E HON E Series Key Codes
HON 301E-450E
HON 101R-225R HON R Series Key Codes
L001-L010 HON File Cabinet Locks (Old Style)
General Hudson Key Codes - various HON101-HON225, HON301-HON450, HON HG001-HG250, 700-799, J200-J500, L001-L010, LL226-LL425, MD101-MD150, UM226-UM425, 1250-1499

Kimball Key Codes:
Various Kimball Codes K1-K256, HK1-HK800

Meridian Key Codes:
Various Meridian Codes BT1-BT165, M1-M165, LL226-LL427, and UM226-UM427

Shaw Walker Key Codes:
Vaious Shaw Walker Single Cut Codes B7S1-B7S210, D7C1-D7C210, MF101-MF250, SP1-SP230

Vaious Shaw Walker Double Cut Codes S1-S60 (Double Side Keys).

Teknion Key Codes:
Various Teknion Codes W401-W640, and T601-T750

Timberline/Illinois Key Codes:

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