Cam Lock Cams Dimensions, Mounting Hole Size and Types

We occasionally receive questions about the cam mounting hole size, hopefully this blog article helps to clarify the differences:

Mr. Lock stocks 4 styles of cams for cam locks.

The most common mounting hole is shown in the following image:

This particular mounting hole dimension measures approx. 0.343 -> 0.348 (~11/32) inches, and is normally found on ESP, Fort, and LSDA style cam locks.

Click Here for standard ESP Cams

The square cut out in the CCL Security cam is approx .315->.320 inches. This cam in normally used on the B157xx series cam locks. Some of CCL imported, competitive series cam locks may use a different size - measure carefully.

CCL Cam Dimensions

Click Here for CCL Security Cams - scroll to bottom of page.

Compx National, standard flat key cam locks will have a square cut out that is approx 0.280 or 9/32".

Click Here for Compx National Cams

High security cam locks such as tubular key types, Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, Abloy and others use cams with cut out similar to:

Click Here for above style security cams.

Nov 5th 2019 Mr. Lock

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